Tuesday, 13 March 2012

A Day At The Races. (Trapped By Guard Dogs At Walthamstow Stadium)

This Video captures the moment we were trapped by one of two free roaming guard dogs at the Walthamstow Stadium. The dog came at us forceing us to take refuge in a nearby toilet.

Meanwhile Skeleton Key had ran in the opposite direction and over a counter in the next room. After about 15 minutes security finally arrived and started acussing Skeleton Key of being a thief. Without even attempting to calm the dog down he runs off to get support. Fortunatly leaving us to make a quick gettaway.
 Although not knowing where the dogs were whilst running out of there was not a plesant experience.

Image © Skeleton Key
Apparently complaints have been made from various sources to the SIA about the dogs, But no action has been taken.
What there doing is wrong and illegal. Yes you could argue we wasn't supposed to be in there taking photographs, but if a small child found it's way in there it would more then likely be injured or even killed by those dogs.

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