Buntingford Mercury, Sept 2012

After uploading my video of the Sainsburys Depot in Buntingford the local paper got hold of it and wrote and article, Using quotes from the explorer that spoke to them in the previous Mercury report. The images are screen grabs from the video.

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'FOOTAGE of people entering a former logistics depot has appeared on a video sharing website.
The YouTube clip shows two men exploring the old Sainsbury’s distribution depot off London Road, Buntingford.
It was uploaded by urban explorer ‘Troglurbex’ on Tuesday last week (September 4), who has also uploaded pictures to his blog of the former Home Office regional bunker below Sovereign House, on Hale Road, Hertford.
Believed to live in Ware and in his 20s, he did not respond to a request for a comment.
But a 32-year-old urban explorer who denied involvement in the visits told the Mercury what the hobby was about. "We’re interested to see what’s inside. Some people see it as breaking in but the urban explorer motto is: ‘Leave only footprints, take only photographs.’
"We would never go there to break in. We have tripods and cameras and walk in and walk out, which is what keeps it civil trespass."
Urban explorers are not there to commit crime but want to document abandoned sites, he added.
At little over two and half minutes, the video shows two men accessing what seems to be the main depot building before leaving the site to observe construction workers. It then cuts to a night scene showing up to four people exploring with torches, claiming it was footage from a previous visit.
Industrial property developers Prologis have applied for planning permission to knock down the depot and replace it with a new modern one.
The site has been mostly disused since it closed in July 2003 with the loss of 800 jobs, after the supermarket said it wanted to improve its supply chain.
In August 2008, the site was put on the market for a new tenant to take over the disused warehouses and distribution centre but there were no offers.
It is hoped up to 600 jobs will be created if a new logistics depot gets the go ahead.'

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