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OK so it's not really a news report as such but still a nice article.
Online article can be found here.


Originally posted on the influential 28 Days Later by an urban explorer known as Skeleton Key, a photo set documenting a four-person exploration of a disused Nabisco Shredded Wheat Factory has generated enough controversy to merit coverage in the local paper.
Unable to resist a bit of editorializing, the paper seems to be stirring up a bit of hysteria, dubbing the unauthorized tour a "raid" and characterizing urban exploration as a "craze" with the young folks. The report includes some comments from the site's current owners, grocery chain Tesco's, which is promising to step up security and reminding readers that urban exploration is trespassing.
For their part, the urban exploration community is also speaking up. Troglodyte, one of Skeleton Key's fellow explorers on that fateful trip has posted up a response on 28DL featuring some great shots of the factory as well as some well-worded feedback on the sensational tone of the news report.