Thursday 5 April 2012

Water Eaton Grain Silo, April 2012

This is the first time I've meet up with Fubah since Summer last year, Deciding it was time to catch up and have a 'splore', we head out to Oxfordshire to check out Water Eaton Grain Silo.

Whilst getting into the area surrounding the building wasn't a problem Fubah and myself managed to completely mess up our access point. we pointlessly climbed seven stories on a rickety old ladder that lead us directly to the to the roof, only to realise we could have walked up the stairs, DOH!
The place is full of 'death holes' one wrong step and your end up falling the height of the building into the bottom of one of the silo's, Not very pleasant if your not a huge fan of heights like me.

"The silo opened in 1940, this Water Eaton site was built by the Ministry of Food as part of the World War 2 Strategic grain silo scheme. It remained in action through the Cold War era, eventually closing during the 1980’s. Following its closure the site was then host to several small business such as van hire and scrap metal merchants; all of which have now ceased trading.
The site is considered an eye sore by many locals but has won its battle against destruction on more than one count. During the 1990’s, planning permission was declined to create a new Waste Processing facility and train station. This was partly down to local campaign but also the green belt status of the surrounding land."

The view down one of the many 'death holes'


  1. Hi, I just discovered urban explorers on youtube. I'm in the oxford area and would like to get into exploring - any good sites/tips?

  2. hey c, my best advice is to start Looking on forums. Get some pics up and when you feel comfortable move onto more risky but more rewarding places. Always take a tripod for pictures as most explores involve low light photography. Good luck.

  3. also check my links page for helpfull research websites.

  4. Wow this place looks really interesting for exploration I will admit that I don't really like the last pic just because my fear of murky water. Glad to see that it was not torn down.

  5. Hi. Just to let you know - the film "Dark Secrets" was partly shot here in 2006. Quite a spooky place at night. Reputedly haunted (but aren't they all).

  6. Demolition of the grain silo began this week