Thursday 3 May 2012

Healings Mill, Tewkesbury, April 2012

To say we should have chose a better weekend to go away exploring would be a huge understatement.
The weather was terrible!
It's been weeks of none stop rain recently and where did we decide to go? Tewkesbury,
A town known for it's severe floods.

Arriving at Tewekesbury it didn't take long to see why the town floods so often, it's surrounded by large areas of floodplain. All of which were completely covered. The rivers were all bursting there banks and it was blowing a gale. As you can imagine we were pretty desperate to get inside away from the elements.

Tewkesbury flour mill (know locally as Healings Mill) was built for Samuel Healing in 1865 by W H James, Later a large southern wing was added in 1889. It produced flour for over 150 years, but ended up closing it's doors in November 2006. It's future remains uncertain mainly because of large structural issues effecting the silo building.

Unfortunately we didn't get time to see it all. Although that means a future visit is definitely on the cards.
Watch the video from the day below.

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