Wednesday 27 June 2012

Highland Manor, June 2012

Wow where to start on this one! I'd heard this was a 'top drawer explore' but even after being suprised at photos i'd seen, That didn't stop me from being blown away from the moment I got in there.

Skeleton Key had informed me prior to visiting this manor that it is guarded by a huge bull that could free roam outside the building, although hearing what he was saying I hadn't really given it much thought.(what harm can a cow with horns do, right?) Once getting onto the site and wondering the grounds I'd spotted it, Now this 'cow with horns' was very real and I didn't hang about to find out what it thought of me. I swear this thing was the size of a small car!
 It was time to back up and just take a more blattent route and risk being caught and yep... That's exactly what happened. As we made our way out of bull territory I'd been spotted by someone driving down the private drive, "what are you doing here?" I chucked out the old "I'm looking for my dog" excuss. No suprise he wasn't happy and told me to piss off out the way I came in.
Not giving up up though we headed back for our second attempt which happend to work out perfectly and we soon found ourselves inside.


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  1. awesome. time travel!! wonder. The location I'm afraid to ask.