Tuesday 15 January 2013

The Russian Submarine, U-475, December 2012

During the cold winter months I could think of plenty of places I would rather be than wedged-in a tiny dingy with three other explorers, Struggling to keep our camera equipment dry whilst fighting currents across the river medway. 
But we were on a mission (or an epic pirate voyage, Arrrrgh!)

So loaded up with rum we set out. The plan was to meet up with the others and work our way down to the water line, float across and board the sub. Easy! But no, one does not simply board a dingy on the river medway during low tide.
Mud, lots of mud. A haven for landlubbers but not for pirates.
We spent over an hour trying to navigate our way down to the waterline but after a few slip ups we finally got lucky. Further down stream. we managed to find a small rocky section of the bank where we could step stone our way down and load up the dingy.
Without a clue on how strong the currents would be we set off!

Getting back however did have a few timber shivering moments, The tide kept pulling us back out towards the centre of the river and armed with only one and a half paddles this was a struggle. After what could only of been about half hour (but felt like hours) we finally set foot back on land.