Saturday 2 October 2010

Oil Mills West, Dover, 30th September 2010

This was an explore ive had on my list for a while and it wasn't until recently the oppotunity for me to see it finally came around.

The original plan was to go in the morning and then see some more of dover's other sites before travelling back home. But this didn't really go to plan.
As some of you know there is a bloody great wall in which you have to overcome before you can access the place.
We decided to leave it till the end of the day whilst we spend the day exploring and thinking of a way to get over the wall.
So after a few hours of exploring various sites we decided to make our way to B&Q and see if they had any ladders, but a piece fence trellis caught our eye and we stupidly decided to try and save money and climb this to gain access.
That didn't work to well and it ended up snapping in the car park when I tryed to test it out against the shop wall.
So back in we went this time to purchase a ladder,
After a quick dart out of the car and a few funny looks from the locals we where in!

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