Thursday 25 November 2010

The Odeon Cinema, Harlow, November 2010

Visited with yeah_mick
Its been over a year since we first thought about infiltrating this building. But due to one reason or another we never got round to it. Until now!

The plan was to check out some other possible locations throughout the day and then end on a high by getting into this beauty. But this wasn't to be. The first site we arrived at (the Neuroscience research centre down the road) a load of men leaped out of a van into the facility nearly catching us within seconds of us hopping the  fence. The other couple of possible explores didn't work out to well either.
So now getting quite frustrated we thought it would be best to drive back to my house for a few hours to play sonic 2 on the megadrive (it being 18 years since it was first released! :p). Then we'd head back to the Odeon when it had quietened down a bit and have the cover of darkness over us.
It worked! After what felt like hours of plotting about how to get into the building we finally made it in. "But wait... wheres my tripod?" It was to late, I'd left it outside and neither of us was prepared to risk the sketchy way in anymore then we had to.

So off into the darkness we went...
Well until we discovered most of the lights still worked.


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  1. I've just been told about this site. I'm now 31 and grew up in Ware. My friends went to Musley and so I knew the building well. And now I see this place - wher I saw (amongst other classics) Suburban Commando starring Hulk Hogan... Such happy times... As a kid I even used to get in to the abandoned Western House old people's home (now flats etc just around the corner from Musley in fact)
    Keep up the good work guys - love the pics! If you ever feel like coming to Norwich, where I now live, let me know - would love to explore a few places too.