Wednesday 30 March 2011

Musley Infants School, Ware, Herts. March 2011

At last my first successful solo explore, I've known about this little school since it closed but as with most explores on your doorstep they just tend to get ignored. Unfortunatly the pigeons have managed to get in and leave there waste everywhere and I mean everywhere the hole building is a huge pigeon shit hole!
Ignoring that it has some nice little qualities like the arched door frames and large church like windows.

 Formerly a grammar school built in 1857 and funded by Elizabeth Moore Chuck in honour of her maltster husband this interesting little school closed in 2003 and has layed disused since. Although there is some hope for the building Emmanuel shared church are looking to turn it into a community facility that they will use on a Sunday/weekly basis as well as for use by the local community. They are also hoping to add an extension to the existing building which will be a hall that will seat approx two hundred people.



  1. I went to this school - some really chilling photos there. It's terrible how it's just gone to waste now.

  2. I went to this school, so did my 2 younger sisters, my mum worked there and I helped out there as did my sisters. Very very sad :'-(