Thursday, 8 September 2011

Mount Pleasant & Grey Gables Mine, Wiltshire, Aug 2011

This was the first location we visited as part of a 4 day trip spending 3 nights below wiltshire in various mines.
Having not seen alot of information on this mine I wasn't to sure what to expect. As we approached the gate we soon realised we wasn't just going be able to walk in like some of Wiltshire's mines that I'd been to. Not letting that defeat us we spent the next half hour or so desperatly seeking an entrance, Not having much luck we decided to ring vwdirtboy and thankfully recieved some usefull information (Cheers mate).
After a bit of brainstorming we finally found ourselfs inside.

For such a small mine it has some really nice features, The corrugated tunnel which leads to concrete lined section creates some great acoustics and was great fun to mess about in.(check the video at the bottom)

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