Wednesday 22 February 2012

Shredded Wheat Factory, Welwyn, Jan 2012

The former Shredded Wheat factory in Welwyn was abit of a last minute decision and it seems we rattled a few cages by exploring this site.

 A week or so after the explore Skeleton Key posted up his photos and we started hearing rumours claiming that the police had turned up just after we'd left (helicopter included!) We just dusted it off and forgot about it. That is until recently.
 I recieved a facebook message from a friend saying that we are in the Hatfield and Welwyn times for 'Breaking in'

Online article here

What utter crap! I would like to inform you we did not break into the site, Rather walked through a hole in the fence and up into an open window. Anyone writing a article on 'Urban Explorers' should have least done a bit of research. The first thing you would have come across would be we don't break in! That brings me to 'Raid'? Raid what? The other key factor you would have discovered is that we 'take only pictures'.
We walked round for a few hours taking photos and enjoying the building before it gets turned into yet another supermarket. Eugh.. rant over!

Anyway It's fair to say the factory has seen better days and it is a shame we didn't get round to doing it before Tesco let this grade II-listed building get in such a sorry state.


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