Monday 18 June 2012

The Mortuary, June 2012

Due to the sensitive nature of this location it cannot be named.
Whilst out checking a few possible leads, We heading into a partially disused hospital in the hope to find something to explore. What we found was not what we'd bargained for.

 Heading round to the back of the site we found a small building tucked away behind some trees we instantly knew it had to be a morgue. Curiosity at an all time high we decided it had to be worth a look. It could be disused right? After peering through a small open window we were greeted with plenty of peeling paint and an old porcelain slab. Result! 
So after spending some time photographing this room we decided to push forward and see what else was in store.
With a small tug the doors to the next room flew open and to our surprise a quiet but haunting humming noise filled the room. The fridges that stood in front of us were very much active!

I couldn't believe we managed to simply hop through a window into a live mortuary! I can't really say what I felt at this point I just went into full auto-pilot capturing as much as I could before it really set in. SK had assured me there was no one in the fridges which was a huge relief. Although from looking at the documents they do get checked twice daily to monitor the temperature for possible occupants.
While the moral compass was swinging on this one I don't feel we was disrespectful in anyway. If there did happened to be any deceased in there we would have refrained from taking photos and this post would not exist.

Explored with Skeleton Key.


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