Saturday 23 June 2012

Old Church Hospital, Romford.

Positioned in the middle of a very modern looking part of Romford you will find this little gem.
When approaching the building from the road I couldn't help but think of the Disney film 'UP'.
It reminded me of the little old guy's little house positioned smack bang in the center of an ever growing city.

Surrounded by flats, offices and cranes this victorian building looks very out of place in a modern city. Although it'll soon be demolished and yet another very dull looking block of flats be built in it's place.

1 comment:

  1. The oldchurch hospital cant be knocked down its a historical building and never go inside the building there are 4 things that happen in there u will see black figures moving across the windows and in the datkness of the hallways u will see a little white girl in a long white dress with no legs u will also see objects move and u will also hear loud footsteps comming from the second and third level i have been in there myself for the last 5 days and i have personaly whitnessed and experienced all of these things this wasnot a hospital it was a mental institute