Thursday 17 February 2011

Dover road trip, Feb 2011

Finally!! Peach & myself had some matching days off and that can only mean one
thing. A road trip. We decided to go visit Wevsky and crack on with some of
Dover's finest.
Bags packed, Batteries charged and torches tested we set off.

On arrival we are confronted with a very smiley Wevsky (because we had finally
arrived or that I was carrying a crate of beer I'm not sure of) he politly warned
us of the "mad house" we were inflicting on ourselfs, With this in mind we stepped in to meet the rest of the family.
After a few beers, some banter and lots of cuddles from two very exited but friendly dogs. We decided the night was still young and we should head out to D.O.E

Driving back to Wevsky's whilst I was flicking through the pics on my camera,
Peach mentioned that the cars gears wernt shifting properly and that it seemed
to be getting progressively worse. But trying not to let this worry us to much
we decided to call it a night and plan an early start for in the morning.

Waking up to kids screaming and dogs barking we prepared ourselfs for the the day ahead.
We met up with Space Invaider and discused a few explores that are on the list and agreed to start the day with the Crete road resoviour's

Crete Road Victorian Resoviour.

Hills Resoviour.

By this point that car had got so bad that i was having to grab the gear stick
with both hands and help Peach force the gears into place. Every roundabout
became a nightmare and we discovered that getting into first gear had become
impossible, So every time we had to stop for a red light or traffic we'd be
sitting there whacking the gear stick in the hope for second or even third gear
just to get moving again.

We'd agreed to meet Frosty and Ob's back in Dover but was running abit late (sorry guys) When we finally arrived we didn't hesitate to grab our gear and head straight down The Grand Shaft.

Driving around had now become so much hardwork we were unsure what to do. We didn't want to risk doing anymore damage to the car but wanted to carry on with exploring so we pushed on forward and explored the St Margaret's esplanade tunnels (no photos due to life threatening climb up to entrance and I wanted to do it with as little equiptment on me as possible)
After panicking and fearing for my life getting down the cliffe we had to make a hard decission to end the trip early and head home. But only after one more explore.

Winchelsea Air Raid Shelter .

After saying good bye to the guys and collecting the last of our stuff from Wevsky's house we could no longer ignore the beast hovering above us in the shape of a 2 hour drive home!
Ive gotta say we were crapping ourselfs! Luckerly we had given a friend a call and he'd given us some advice on turning off the engine, move the gear stick then pump down the clutch and turn back on the ignition again to change the gears. We were dreading the Dartford tunnel due to it not having a hard shoulder if we couldnt find the gears we would be blocking half the road! So if you were one of the arseholes beeping and swearing at us as you drove past I hope you feel bad for all the distress you caused us :-P
But dispite the odds we finally arrived home safely.

The thing about Dover is there will always be unfinished buisiness, There is just so much to see! even after visiting D.O.E, The Hospital Postern,St Martins deep shelter, Crete road resevoir and Hills resevoir, St Margarets Esplanade tunnel, The Grand Shaft and Winchelsea tunnels on this trip we still have a huge list for future visits. So keep ya sofa clear Wevsky, We hope to be back soon!


  1. Theres allways a sofa space matey!!Nice report trog!!

  2. Cheers mate, I look forward to our next explore!