Thursday, 3 March 2011

AEI Henley's Air Raid Shelters. Northfleet, Feb 2011

After meeting up with the Ramsgate misfits and picking up Pez we headed straight over to the tunnels. Access was hilarious and deffinitly one to remember. Unfortunatly I cant really go into to much detail on here, But a big thanks to "The Hulk" and "Mr T" the on site manager for giving us a helping hand

"The company W T Henley has always been highly regarded for the manufacture of cable and electrical components and was clearly the company of choice when a system had to be devised as a countermeasure to the growing threat of German magnetic mines during the Second World War. As a result, a new site was constructed in 1939 in Gravesend for W T Henley and a complex of tunnels built underneath to provide air raid shelter for the company’s employees." History from Underground Kent

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