Friday 9 December 2011

Arrested at Animal Testing, Neuroscience labs.

Well what an interesting day this was.Yesterday we finally got released from the Police station after 8 hours of hell. I got caught exploring some Animal testing labs/Neuroscience research facility with Skeleton Key We was down in the underground kennels when we started hearing police with dogs.

Luckily I decided to start my camera rolling and captured everything on film. Refusing to turn it off and instead setting up a better angle I explained to them I was filming it for my own protection/evidence
They told us we was being arrested under suspicion of theft then it quickly switched to domestic terrorism (Animal rights activists)
Both our houses were searched Computers, hard drives etc were bagged and tagged. They even refused my right to make a phone call which I was not happy about! So my poor girlfriend was at home completley unaware we had been arrested when they walk through the door with a warrent to search the place.
After our interviews and a few more scares they let us out scott free with an apology for treating us in the way they did.
Reflecting back now I feel the police completley over reacted and tagged us with the usual terrorist title taking away all our rights and leaving us in limbo in the cells with no sign of when we might get out or when I might be able to contact someone. Scary stuff.

Video below


  1. Did you get all your computers & hard drives back i hope ?? and how long before you did ?? what happend with that ??

  2. she sounded like anne robinson ..... you are the weakest link goodbye