Wednesday 14 December 2011

Animal Testing/Neuroscience Labs, Essex, 2011

After posting the video I thought it was only right to show a report on the place.

We first explored this back in September although it was completely different to our recent encounter. All the doors where wide open and security where constantly patrolling the site. Servers where beeping, lights where flashing and maintenance workers where roaming the site.
It was one of the most fast pace explores I have ever experienced. Constantly hearing footsteps in the corridors and whistling workers on the upper floors it's a miracle we managed to get out unseen.
The labs lay on a 29-acre site located in the East Hertfordshire District. In 1968 the Post Office took over the site and eventually made way for the current owners, In 1981. The existing buildings were developed and used as a laboratory research facility, But the site has been vacant for nearly 5 years. 

The owners have instructed CB Richard Ellis to prepare development proposals and submit an outline planning application to turn the site into a large new residential estate.


Second visit:
After the luck we had on the first visit we decided to leave it a few months to calm down. 
With Skeleton key being off work with a collapsed lung it seemed like the perfect time to do a revisit. As stupid as it sounds it ment we both had a weekday off and decided this was probably the best time to go.
After about 20 minutes on site we had already noticed how much the site had been locked down and no sign of security anywhere, Or so we thought...
After eventually finding access we wondered around for a few hours blissfully unaware that police had been called onto the site to track us down.

Eventually the inevitable happened and they caught up with us in the underground kennels.

See the full story and the video of our arrest HERE.

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