Wednesday 4 January 2012

Cardington Hangers, December 2011.

  Explored with Skeleton Key and Peach.

I swear I was almost speechless for the first twenty minutes or so after gaining access, The absolutely immense size of these hangers cannot be disribed in words or captured in photographs.
It simply has to be experienced first hand.
We wondered around for hours in there just oogling over the construction of the place. The rattleing of shutters and the sound of the wind passing through gave a surreal feeling that the building was breathing. I caught myself many times over the trip frozen with jaw droped, staring up at the ceiling.
What a great way to end the year!


  1. Holy shit, did you know you would find a full on blimp in there? Presumably with that tucked away inside security was fairly prominent?

    1. we didn't bump into security although the people renting the blimp turned up. Understandably they where shocked to see us. But we ended up chatting with them for half hour about the blimp. :)

    2. You might not be aware but there was a huge building further up. From the time when airships were thought to have viable wartime uses. It looked like it was intended as a training establishment for officers. For all I know it could be demolished now but it might be worth checking out.